During this time I am working on building a new store and all new products for the best customer experience.

I will update this page again in early November.

My #1 seller has always been my handcrafted lipsticks. I counted on lipstick sales to keep the business afloat.

So much has changed since I was last open. Over the last several months, I was really unsure about what direction to take my business in.

I figured that lipstick sales would likely be down for all cosmetic brands. Who wears lipstick under their mask or when working from home?

Well, I'm going ahead with my plan to reopen. Some plans have changed, but I am still optimistic for a fall opening.

10/9 - I'm working on a lipstick (vegan as always) formula that is more suitable for under mask wearing.

Take care and stay well.




Melissa - Morgana Cryptoria Owner

E-mail sign-up will be posted again when the shop is closer to reopening.

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